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Best Employee Wellness Programs That Work

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Employees are an integral part of any organization. Employers can incorporate many healthy practices in the organization that are beneficial to the employees.  From healthcare treatments to employee wellness programs, businesses can help employees in multiple ways. Let’s talk about the various employee wellness programs that a company can adopt or adapt into their system that works. Here are some samples of such programs.

  • Office fitness room
  • Remote working/flexible timing
  • Healthcare activities
  • Healthy food
  • Nap time
  • Parent coaching and support

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6 Best Employee Wellness Programs

Let’s explore some of the above-mentioned employee wellness programs for better clarity.

1.    Office fitness room

Fitness is a constant concern for all employees, especially who need time to commute to the office and those with heavy responsibilities. Having a fitness room in the office can make a world of difference. It can inspire the employees to exercise a couple of hours every day. It helps them maintain their health and brings forth the energy and inspiration to work more.

2.    Remote working/flexible timing

Remote working or working from home is the new normal since the pandemic attack globally. While it may not be possible to have everybody work remotely, most of the employees can avail this service on rotation. Flexible timings of work help them settle their own affairs. This helps the employees to put forth 120 percent of their efforts during work timings with complete focus and dedication.

3.    Healthcare activities

Employee wellness programs can consist of healthcare activities like yoga, dance classes, exercise sessions, and more. Each activity is aimed at the betterment of the body and soul of the employees. Even a 10-minute company-wide drill before starting work can fill the employees with the energy to work better.

4.    Healthy food

To concentrate and work efficiently the employees need the energy that can support them all day. There are many cases where they skip food in between or have unhealthy food during work. Organizations can help them with healthy food supply and distribution. This helps the employer to ensure food safety and avoid many health issues.

5.    Nap time

An after-lunch nap sounds good when at home, but not at the office – that is until now. Studies have proven that an after-lunch nap can help employees get ample energy to pull through the day full of energy. Nap time can help avoid sleepy conditions and help them concentrate better at work. Try it and see the magic.

6.    Parent coaching and support

Parenting is part of the employee’s life whether the organization prefers it or not. Working parents face multiple challenges, which can affect their professional work. With the help of employee wellness programs can help them with parent coaching programs and support them. It helps them create a work-life balance where they can both be a parent and a professional at the same time.

So, what are the employee wellness programs your organization has adopted? Let us know in the comments.


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