Thursday, April 18, 2024

Remote Work

Top Work From Home Skills You Should Master

When people suddenly switched to work from home, they were bombarded with many relevant questions. Some of them are: How do I remove distractions while working from home? How do I set up a home workstation? What is the...

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How To Build Situational Leadership Qualities?

When you started your career, was there any team member who took the initiative to train you on the job? Was the colleague able...

4 Ways HR Will Change for The Future of Work

A recent study conducted by The Cognizant Center for Future of Work and Future Workplace has predicted that as a result of the pandemic, over 21 new jobs will be created within the next decade.

How Can HR Managers Use Social Media To Their Advantage

HR personnel can use social media to enhance your company’s corporate image, engage with your existing, past, or potential employees, and promote your company’s work culture.

How CEOs Can Create Stress-Free Work Environment for Employees

A burned-out workforce! It can be said that this is a nightmare for the CEOs who have multiple projects on the roll. Employee wellness...

HR Leaders to Focus on People Again: Here’s Why

The effects of technology in the human resource sector are already prominent. Technologies like big data, data analytics, AI, and machine learning help them...