Tuesday, March 21, 2023

ZS Assembles An In-House 24*7 Care Team To Help Employees Through The Second Wave Of Covid-19

ZS Assembles An In-House 24*7 Care Team To Help Employees Through The Second Wave Of Covid-19

ZS, a global professional services firm has announced a range of relief measures to employees and their families during the second wave of Covid-19. These measures were introduced to help employees combat pandemic-induced disruptions and range from testing and vaccination support to extended paid leave and home care support. The company has offered extended 10-week paid time off to recover from Covid-19, support family, or prioritize mental health – depending on individual needs.

Harsha Peter, Human Resources Manager at ZS said, “The firm stood like a sturdy roof to guard and support ZSers and their families through this storm of Covid, especially the second wave. The support encompassed several medical facilities, financial aid, mental wellbeing assistance through counseling, post-Covid trauma management, in-office vaccination drives, and vaccination reimbursements. The wellbeing of our people remains a top priority for us and we are already preparing for any forthcoming circumstances”.

Hospital partnerships for comprehensive medical support

ZS partnered with local hospitals where its employees and their immediate families can get vaccinated, while also conducting vaccination drives in their office premises. The firm is also reimbursing the vaccination costs of employees and their next of kin if they are unable to get vaccinated in the office facility. So far, 1,100+ ZSers have been vaccinated and in the coming days, they plan to scale their efforts to cover employees working from remote locations as well. Essential medical supplies like oxygen concentrators, digital thermometers, and home-testing kits were arranged for ZSers who were battling Covid-19 and isolating at home.

The second wave triggered a devastating ripple effect across the country. As the circumstances increased the mental health toll and balance of people, ZS pledged to stand by its employees and provide them with ample resources that can be availed to enhance their overall wellbeing. An in-house team of ZSers stood as Covid warriors to assist their colleagues, family, and friends 24*7 in securing a hospital bed, nursing support, and scouting for local help. The team also partnered with dedicated on-call doctors for additional consultations.

Facilitated financial aid

The company supplemented their employee insurance offerings by adding a home care Covid support for employees and their family members, even after being discharged from the hospital. With the added benefits, employees could avail services like 24*7 virtual/teleconsultation, emergency responses, Covid-related tests at home, IV therapy, ambulance support, hospital beds, oxygen needs, and availability of medicines.

Esha Gulati, Regional HR Lead of ZS said, “Our people have contributed immensely to making ZS what it is today. For us, it’s always people first and we are striving to be available for them in these dire circumstances and extend support in every possible way. With the work from a home model, the needs of work, home, and family have all converged under one roof. Our aim is to empower ZSers with the right resources that can help them find the right balance while tending to their loved ones”.

Vikas Kumar, Software Engineering & Technology Manager at ZS, who was affected with Covid shares his experience saying, “I am grateful for the instant action and support from ZS for arranging oxygen supply for my wife. The team promptly helped me find a hospital bed, coordinating end-to-end and ensuring that I get timely treatment. Knowing that I have such a strong backing, brought a sense of safety and sanity during difficult times”.

Apart from just helping employees and their families, ZS has also invested heavily in the communities through various organizations and provided support to many citizens during this time.