Thursday, March 30, 2023

Zimyo Launches New Version of Zimyo 2.0 Powered by AI

Zimyo Launches New Version of Zimyo 2.0 Powered by AI

HCM platform Zimyo that offers robust HR and payroll solutions has recently announced the launch of its new version of Zimyo 2.0 powered by Artificial Intelligence. The new version features more than 40 modules to help corporate organizations improve their employee experience by 2X. 

With the launch of the platform’s new version, Zimyo anticipates setting new expectations for HCM and planning to move its existing client base to the new platform by the end of this quarter. The newly launched version is equipped with new-age technologies to empower organizations in driving improved data-driven decision-making and better business outcomes. 

The company has partnered with various insurance companies, NBFCs, and AMCs to unveil an extensive ‘Employee Benefits’ module. This provides organizations easy access to financial benefits to help them attract, engage and retain top talents. 

“With Zimyo, an organization doesn’t have to spend on multiple platforms as it can get all human resource management solutions in one place. Its comprehensive cloud-based HR solutions make complicated and mundane workforce management, talent management, and HR administration a cinch”, said Ajay Kadyan, Co-Founder, Zimyo. 

Besides managing the employees, Zimyo’s Recruitment (ATS) & Onboarding System helps organizations build their own talent pool. This enables easy candidate discovery, automated interview scheduling, and structured recruitment which increases the efficiency of the hiring process by 2x. Furthermore, the platform has also integrated with prominent job boards to ensure the organization’s jobs reach a wider pool of candidates while eliminating the task of manual data entry on multiple sites.