Thursday, March 30, 2023

US Army Corps of Engineers: Construction Contract Opportunity for Three Projects on the Eugen Kvaternik Training Area

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Europe District plans to solicit proposals for a design-build construction contract for three projects on the Eugen Kvaternik Training Area (Croatian Army Base) located in Slunj, Croatia. The three projects are described below. The USACE plans to include basic design criteria in the contract solicitation, with the intent to award a single construction contract to a design-build construction contractor that will complete the 100% design and construct the project.

Multipurpose Machine Gun (MPMG) Range: Project is to convert a tank platoon qualification range into a machine gun range for up to 50 caliber weapons. Consists mostly of civil work. The project will involve earthwork to flatten the range, building firing emplacements for ground and vehicle-mounted weapon systems, and building target emplacements. Project Location: 45°09’22.6″N 15°27’57.9″E

Live Fire Shoot House (LFSH): Project is to convert an existing structure into a shoot house with ballistic fortifications. Consists mostly of structural and architectural work. Project Location: 45°01’35.5″N 15°34’02.0″E

Rapid Runway Repair (RRR): Project is to clear and grade a site and place a 50m x 50m unreinforced concrete pad to be used for training. Consists almost entirely of civil work. Project Location: 45°07’48.1″N 15°26’39.4″E

For further information, please visit the pre-solicitation announcement posted online at BETA SAM. The USACE anticipates that the formal solicitation announcement will be made in June 2021, which will contain many more details surrounding the project and instructions on how and when to submit a proposal (bidders will have at least 30 days). Please share the weblink with any individual or company that may be qualified and interested in this work. NOTE: Companies MUST be SAM registered to be eligible for award of any contracts for the US Government. If you are interested in this contract opportunity, you are encouraged to:

a) Respond to the pre-solicitation announcement by completing the questionnaire attached to the announcement, including basic company information, and company point of contactS including phone and email.

b) Sign up for email alerts for updates related to this contract opportunity by selecting to “follow” it at the top right on the announcement webpage (this requires account login; if you are not SAM registered, see instructions on the pre-solicitation announcement web page).

c) Prepare to attend a pre-proposal site visit in June or July 2021. Interested companies will have an opportunity to view the job site and ask questions. Further instructions pertaining to the site visit will be included with the solicitation announcement.