Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Team Lewis Offers Marketing Career Opportunities To Undergrads And Career Switchers

Team Lewis Offers Marketing Career Opportunities To Undergrads And Career Switchers

Team Lewis, a global marketing and consultancy platform recently came up with a learning and development program, RISE to offer career opportunities in the marketing sector. The RISE program is designed to provide full-time paid roles to undergraduates, non-degree holders, and those who want to shift their careers. More than fifty new entry-level openings have been generated as part of the program, across different regions.

Under the RISE program, the participant will undergo extensive training, development programs along with marketing-specific learning such as content marketing, creative strategy, lead generation, social media strategy, digital marketing, rich media production, etc. Certification will be provided at the end of training.

Pointing out the need for flexibility and adaptability at companies and organizations, when hiring, Jen Wu, VP, People APAC & EMEA mentioned that people with extensive backgrounds deserve an opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities. Companies ought to have an open mindset and further need to put prime focus on candidate’s intelligence, skills as well as aptitude. “With the right training and attitude, we believe anyone can succeed in this industry,” added Jen Wu.

People of the age group 15-24 have been facing the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is evident from the statistical data, portraying a significant decline in the employment rate. Presently, the said age group is among the most affected in terms of employability, with an 8.7% unemployment rate.

Employability downfall can be due to diverse reasons such as, inability to bear school or college expenses, lack of employment opportunities, insufficient skills and training, the mandatory requirement of the degree to enter a job. The program is created to cater to the growing employability concerns among the young generations and career-switchers. The idea is to remove constraints including the requirement of the degree, specific skills, etc.

RISE, the learning, and development program addressing the concerns at hand will provide adequate training, up-skilling of participants, and relevant career opportunities in the marketing industry.