Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Study: 44% of Workers Faced Harassment

Study: 44% of Workers Faced Harassment

If you thought remote work eliminated the issue of workplace harassment, a recent survey suggests otherwise.

According to a study done by employee feedback management platform AllVoices, 38% of workers experienced harassment remotely, such as through email, virtual meetings or chat apps.

Concerningly, nearly one-fourth of employees said harassment got worse when their company switched to remote work.

For those who are back in the office, 44% experienced bullying or discriminatory harassment. Clearly, this is still a major issue.

Taking action

So how are employers addressing this? Fifty-three percent of respondents said their companies took immediate action after receiving harassment reports. But 12% reported their employers did nothing, and another 15% weren’t sure if anything was done.

Furthermore, more than half of employees said their issue wasn’t completely resolved, even after the company claimed to have handled it.

Want to stay anonymous

This is an issue employers will need to address, especially when 34% of employees said they’d leave a job due to unresolved harassment problems.

The study also found that only half of employees have reported harassment to management, but 85% would report incidents if there was an anonymous way to do so.

Another problem is that some employees get the impression their companies don’t want them to report harassment. Only 72% of those surveyed think their employers want to hear about harassment. The other 28% said their workplaces don’t encourage workers to speak up.