Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Scaling up HR Leaders’ Tips From HR Future

Scaling up HR Leaders’ Tips From HR Future

Highlighting pragmatic and actionable strategies companies can use when preparing their HR function for organizational scale, this new article in HR Future uncovers five focus points to drive effectiveness, including servant leadership, hiring prioritization, outside vendor partnerships, former talent pool utilization, shaping and employee value proposition (EVP).

Companies need to scale. If a company isn’t growing, it’s declining. As clients, markets, and employees change, organizations must change with them rather than remain stagnant.

Human resources (HR) leaders have the opportunity to develop and implement scaling strategies for organizations and catalyze lasting growth and advancement, primarily beginning with hiring and growth prioritization.

“It is important for internal stakeholders and leadership groups to prioritize hiring and growth,” said Lorynn Walton, HR executive with experience leading change management and human resource functions across diverse organizations. “A first step in executing strategies to scale is promoting alignment with leadership groups where the goal of scale and hiring is a priority.”

This alignment across stakeholders is key to pushing progressive organizational development goals to the forefront and ensuring hiring remains a priority even through the chaos of business growth within a company. But alignment isn’t the only tactic HR leaders can tap into when readying up an HR organization for scale. Walton explores four other tactics in the article in HR Future, too.

“Expanding programs to support the growth is also an integral step in scaling organizations,” said Walton. “Driving talent acquisition by partnering with your county Workforce Development Boards and minority groups, utilizing employees’ social media and networks, and developing training programs to promote within than backfill positions easier to fill are great strategies to use.”