Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Princeton Identity Announces Partnership To Provide HR-Integration Solution

Princeton Identity, a global leader in biometric technology, announced a partnership with Future Trend LLC (FTLLC), an industry leader in specialized security systems, to launch an innovative business solution for touchless time and attendance access and tracking. The new system is an integration of iris scanning devices with temperature sensors and advanced cloud-based human resources (HR) management. It’s currently available across the Middle East, with plans to expand globally.

“The collaboration with Future Trend leverages biometric technology to create a seamless experience for employees as they navigate their day-to-day activities while allowing companies to capture critical HR data,” said Bobby Varma, CEO, Princeton Identity. “It’s part of our vision to expand the role of biometrics beyond access control into broader customized solutions for employees, visitors, and other stakeholders across all industries.”

Princeton Identity’s popular Access200 products feature iris devices plus temperature sensors to ensure fast, secure identification and access for healthy individuals. Built on the patented Iris-on-the-Move (IOM) technology, the contactless reader recognizes a user’s iris in less than 2 seconds, indoor or outdoor, regardless of masks or glasses.