Tuesday, March 21, 2023

One-Time Bonus for Accenture Employees

The strong growth experienced by Accenture has led to the information technology company announcing a one-time bonus to all its employees below MD level. The bonus has been announced in recognition of the hard work and dedication of its staff towards its clients during 2020, which was a year full of challenges and disruptions.

The Company posted growth of eight percent growth, that is, $12 billion for the quarter ending February 2021. It also posted a record $16 billion in terms of bagging new projects and deals in the quarter, which also shows a 13 percent hike year-on-year (YoY).

With a 5,36,653-strong workforce, the Company hired 22,365 people during the three months and reported attrition as low as 12 percent. Clearly, the demand for Accenture’s services has grown across geographies and industries, leading to profitability.

Not only has it achieved pre-pandemic growth levels, but it is also consistently increasing its market share. Accenture’s revenue growth guidance for FY21 has been raised to 6.5-8.5 percent, thanks to the increasing demand for digital services during the pandemic.

The company’s focus on client value creation, its commitment to building a diverse and inclusive team, its investments and efforts, and innovations in the area of digital, cloud, and security have paid off. Not surprisingly, its interactive, security, and cloud businesses have witnessed significant growth.