Thursday, March 30, 2023

Nearly Half of Health Care Workers Remain Unvaccinated, Survey Finds

A newly released survey found nearly half of health care workers nationwide remain unvaccinated.

The survey was done in early March by the Kaiser Family Foundation in partnership with The Washington Post.

Among the initial findings, the survey found:

  • Just over half (52%) of front-line health care workers say they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, leaving 48% who have not.
  • The unvaccinated group of front-line health care workers includes some who either have their vaccination scheduled (3%) or plan to get vaccinated but haven’t scheduled it yet (15%). It also includes 3 in 10 who have either not decided whether they will get vaccinated (12%) or say they do not plan on receiving a COVID-19 vaccine (18%).
  • A large majority of unvaccinated health care workers, who either have not decided if they will get vaccinated or say they do not plan to get vaccinated, say that worries about potential side effects (82%) and the newness of the vaccine (81%) are major factors in their decision making.
  • Access to a COVID-19 vaccine from an employer is a key aspect of vaccination rates among front-line health care workers.

To read the survey in its entirety, click here.