Thursday, March 30, 2023

Merit Certified Digital Certificates Help the Delta Health Alliance in Mississippi Reduce Unemployment and Retain Workers

Merit Certified Digital Certificates Help the Delta Health Alliance in Mississippi Reduce Unemployment and Retain Workers

Delta Health Alliance (DHA), a Mississippi coalition of innovative partnerships focusing on the health and education of those who make the Mississippi Delta their home, has partnered with verified identity platform Merit to bridge newly trained individuals with employment opportunities in their local communities.

These training opportunities are available through the Workforce Opportunities for Rural Communities grant or W.O.R.C. which was awarded through the U.S. Department of Labor. The Merit platform houses the digital credentials earned by graduates from Coahoma Community College and Mississippi Delta Community College short term medical skills and Early Childhood Development training programs.

“The W.O.R.C. program was A-1 every step of the way,” said Tyna Sims, a Clarksdale resident and recent graduate of Coahoma Community College’s phlebotomy course. Sims explained that the program’s career staff along with the Merit app assisted her while she was out searching for jobs. “The Delta Health Alliance program has helped me tremendously on my journey. Just amazing opportunities. I would tell anyone to definitely go for it,” she said. Sims is now employed with Fresenius Kidney Care in Southaven, Miss.

Allison Washington, associate vice president of Community Outreach at DHA, said Merit has provided an excellent platform for connecting students, who have completed workforce training, with employment opportunities in the Mississippi Delta.

“The mutual benefit of students being able to see jobs tailored to their individual credentials in the healthcare and early childhood sectors, alongside employment opportunities in the Mississippi Delta, is truly enriching the lives of many people,” said Washington.

The digital certification partnership between DHA and Merit provides:

  • Digital versions of program degrees and certificates, known as “merits,” that are automatically sent to graduates.
  • Access to the secure Merit app to accept and manage verified digital credentials, eliminating the need to carry a paper certificate for job interviews.
  • Easy and contactless verification of digital credentials using Merit’s built-in sharing tools.
  • Direct links to job opportunities in the region that are made available to individuals based on their credentials.

“Every individual should be able to capture and access their verified accomplishments, skills, and education records,” said Jacob Orrin, COO of Merit. “Our partnership with Delta Health Alliance partnership is modernizing how nonprofits identify, coordinate, and empower people to use their critical skills, and ultimately benefit the local community.”

About Delta Health Alliance

Delta Health Alliance (DHA) is an innovative partnership that binds together communities of the Mississippi Delta to improve the quality of life. Comprised of more than 40 programs focused on every stage of growth, DHA offers the tools, guidance, and resources to meet the needs and challenges of those who call the Mississippi Delta and surrounding area their home. DHA provides the ingredients to ensure that all residents have the best health and educational opportunities in a region historically distressed economically. Whether a soon-to-be mom, a toddler preparing for kindergarten, a high schooler looking toward college or a senior wanting to stay active, DHA is a neighbor ready to provide a helping hand.

About Merit

Merit’s verified identity platform brings visibility, liquidity, and trust to people-data, giving organizations the clarity to make better-informed decisions, engage with individuals effectively, and pursue their mission efficiently. Merit works with trusted private, state, and municipal organizations to solve critical real-world problems in sectors such as workforce development, emergency services, licensing, education, and defense readiness. Find out more at