Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Jahnel Group, a Software Company in Schenectady, Has a Rock Star Hr Director

Jahnel Group, a Software Company in Schenectady, Has a Rock Star Hr Director

Dani Milliken serves as director of human resources for the Jahnel Group.

But to hear her boss tell it, she may well have an “S” for Superwoman on a uniform hidden under her work clothes. 

“She is just absolutely amazing. … She handles all of our HR benefits for all 130 employees, so she’s just serving people every day with their health insurance, with their dental plan, their vision, whatever it is from an HR perspective,” said Jahnel Group Inc. CEO Darrin Jahnel, adding that she also is part of the leadership team. “What really separates Dani is the way she serves the team.”

She’s been in charge of HR for about 2½ years. 

Milliken said she is humbled and slightly embarrassed by all the praise but that she doesn’t look for it.

“I tend to wear multiple hats just because I’m a little part of engagement, a little part of HR and accounting, and just getting involved in different events, so I think it’s just my nature that I tend to sign up for everything or be of help,” said Milliken. “I’m the type of person that I want to get the job done, and it doesn’t matter what the job is, you just do it.” 2022 Top Workplaces in the Capital Region

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Jahnel recalled the custom software design company’s recently completed “war week,” when 100 employees gathered at the downtown Schenectady office in the Mill Artisan district, and how Milliken was there bright and early every morning preparing breakfast and then presiding over 6 a.m. workout sessions.  

“The team voted her the MVP, and everybody just loves what she brings to the table, and she’s recognized by everyone,” said Jahnel.

Then there’s the time, Milliken, who is married with 9-year-old twins, made 305 trips over a six-day period up the 124 steps to Jahnel’s sixth-floor office during the company’s 10-million-stair challenge. 

She said the stair challenge brought out her competitive nature.  

Jahnel said company executives realized early on during the interview process that Milliken would be a great addition to their team. 

“She’s absolutely nuts just like us. She’s getting up at 3 in the morning, she’s working out, she’s an amazing mother, she’s a rock star professional, and we were just so lucky to have her, so from the very beginning she came in with that servant’s mentality,” he said. 

“There’s not a better fit, and when people say ‘It’s too good to be true’ they don’t believe you, but Jahnel Group is so passionate about their employees, not just professionally but personally … and it really makes you want to do more,” she said.