Friday, March 24, 2023

Indeed Launches Direct Hiring Platform

News brief:

  • Indeed has launched its own hiring platform, allowing employers to interview and hire “directly on Indeed, with no additional software,” the company announced March 9. The new offering, Indeed Hiring Platform, integrates Indeed’s various offerings so employers can source, screen, and interview on one platform.
  • The platform seeks to remove “manual tasks” from recruiters’ plates, according to the announcement, capitalizing on new offerings from the company released during 2020, including virtual hiring events, as well as the company’s partnership with Glassdoor after both were brought under the Recruit Holdings banner in 2018.
  • “The direct connections enabled by this solution solve real problems for job seekers and employers,” said Maggie Hulce, SVP at Indeed. “We eliminate administrative tasks, like reading resumes and scheduling interviews, that slow the hiring process for employers. We also give job seekers a direct path to showcase their skills and qualifications to recruiters and hiring managers.”

Recruitment technology boomed in the wake of the pandemic as employers were forced to change their processes to keep interviewers and applicants safe. Employers had to move to a virtual space at an unprecedented pace — and while some employers slowed hiring, others suddenly faced incredible demand and a need for more workers.

“A lot of the work that recruiters have been doing historically wasn’t actually interviewing people,” Kevin Parker, CEO of HireVue, previously told HR Dive. “It was trying to schedule people, doing follow-up phone calls, phone screens, and things like that. When you can automate a lot of that process, the recruiter can really focus on people that are most qualified for the position.”

The pandemic, in some ways, has made recruiting more efficient due in part to the proliferation of video interviews and other hiring tools, according to an October survey by Criteria. Walmart, for example, shortened its hiring process to “as little as 24 hours” by eliminating the formal interview process and streamlining its screening process.

But recruiters have also seen a “drastic increase” in stress during the pandemic, partly triggered by the expedited tech adoption, meaning employers may need to ensure recruiters have the support they need to do their jobs.