Thursday, March 30, 2023

HR Tech Firm HappyPlus That Measures Happiness Index Raises Funding

HappyPlus Consulting, an AI-ML-enabled Indian firm that measures the happiness index and provides solutions to India Inc., has announced today that it has secured an undisclosed amount of Angel Investment from a Dubai-based HNI.

HappyPlus would be utilizing these funds to invest further in technology and for market expansion.

Founded by Dr. Ashish Ambasta on the sole theory of building the employer-employee relationship to achieve organizational happiness, the six months old HappyPlus is already providing its services to companies like Tata Steel LP division, TM International (Logistics), Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL), ABP Network, and a leading Private health insurance company, among others.

“The genesis of HappyPlus lied in one of the interviews of cricketer MS Dhoni where he mentioned about a meter to measure happiness while he evaded controversial questions. Though he was joking then, it made me think why can’t there be something like a meter which can measure joy or happiness at one particular moment. Unwittingly, MSD inspired me and I started working on this idea. And now, after 7 years, HappyPlus is born,” Ambasta said.

The tech-enabled HR firm is currently in talks with investors for another round of investments which is expected to close in a few months from now.

Meanwhile, the firm is also building a strong team of senior professionals with a clear vision to develop and provide tools, techniques, and solutions for creating happy habits for individuals in the organization.

HappyPlus brings the concept and importance of ‘Happiness Habit Development’ through scientifically designed tracks and ‘One-Touch’ technology solutions. Its ‘WOW Life’ solution is a science-backed framework that raises the level of consciousness, connection, and competence at the employee and employer level.

Given that employee experience and happiness is becoming a top priority at organizations in a post-pandemic more digitalized and the hybrid world, this funding round has come at an opportune time for HappyPlus to establish itself in this space.