Friday, March 24, 2023

England Lockdown Rules Decision Expected

England Lockdown Rules Decision Expected

The date set for restrictions to end was 21 June.

Limits on indoor gatherings in Northern Ireland are also due to be relaxed on 21 June – when the current rules in Wales will also be reviewed. In Scotland, the date for easing is 28 June.

The reopening plans for England include an end to rules on masks, social distancing for cafes and restaurants, and for adults to no longer be asked to work from home, but to be free to go into work.

But it’s not certain that this final reopening will go ahead at this point.

According to BBC politics experts, the government is likely to delay reopening by up to a month and Members of Parliament will then vote on the change to the timetable.

It follows calls for the date to be delayed because of the spread of the Delta variant of the virus – which was first found in India.

Cases of coronavirus are going up in England and some scientists say more time needs to be added before the rules end to both study what’s happening with the virus, and to make sure people have enough time to get their full dose of vaccines.