Tuesday, March 21, 2023

CNN Staff Fired for Reporting to Duty Without Vaccination

CNN Staff Fired for Reporting to Duty Without Vaccination

Making intolerance of any violation of COVID-19 protocols very clear, CNN, the US media firm, has fired three employees who came to work without getting inoculated. The said employees were told by Jeff Zucker, channel chief, that the firm has a ‘zero-tolerance policy’ when it comes to COVID-related protocols.

The Company has made it mandatory for employees to be vaccinated before coming to the office or even while working on the field. This is for the safety of its own employees as well as others who may come in contact with them outside of the office. Till now, proof of vaccination was not being demanded, but after the discovery of these unvaccinated staff members, stricter rules may come into play.

The employees of CNN had been allowed to return to the office at their discretion. The offices are already open and over one-third of the workforce has returned to working from the office voluntarily. The CNN offices in Los Angeles, Washington, and Atlanta have mandated wearing masks except while eating or drinking or within a closed private cabin or space. The staff has been told that even in offices where wearing masks is not mandatory or imposed, employees should do what they feel is right and not be afraid of being judged by others or fear that co-workers would retaliate.

Earlier, CNN was planning to get its employees back to the office by the first week of September, but this may be delayed by at least a month.