Tuesday, March 21, 2023

CMTC Launches “HR Boot Camp” Training Program to Help CA Manufacturers Navigate the Evolving HR Landscape

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC) announced today the launch of their new HR Boot Camp, an online subscription training program designed to help small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) meet the complex Human Resources issues confronting them today.

It can be challenging for any company to navigate California’s legal requirements, but for smaller companies, there may not be the time or resources available to tackle HR’s ever-evolving landscape. CMTC implemented its HR Boot Camp to help SMMs unravel the current laws and mandates affecting their organizations and ensure their compliance, productivity, and success.

CMTC’s HR Boot Camp annual membership will include a full year of training, with unlimited access, and will allow companies to train as many employees as needed at their convenience. In addition, employees may attend multiple live sessions per topic per month. An archived session library will also be made available as sessions are published for unlimited use to all members. HR Boot Camp members will receive tips, checklists, compliant templates, session reminders, articles, and monthly updates to help them solve their HR problems head-on and avoid any potential fines and penalties down the road.

HR Boot Camp session topics will include but are not limited to, coping with COVID while returning to work, HR health checks and compliance, on-boarding new-hires for maximum effectiveness, perfecting an employee handbook, categorizing exempt and non-exempt, incorporating employee referral programs, implementing performance improvement plans, setting expectations, and motivating employees. Instructors will also offer instruction on recruiting and retaining talented workers during a pandemic and beyond, along with creating the next generation of manufacturing talent. In addition, instructors will provide guidance about the questions an employer may legally ask during the hiring process while staying compliant with California and federal HR laws.

CMTC’s HR Boot Camp will even help manufacturing professionals understand diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

CMTC Director of Human Resources, Administration & Recruitment Doug Garnee says about HR Boot Camp, “With the pace of change in employment-related law in California, it can be difficult for SMMs to keep up on the new requirements that are relevant to them. That’s why we are very proud to offer this much-needed service and bring targeted HR guidance to our California manufacturers.”