Thursday, March 30, 2023

Big Mouth Spinoff Human Resources Announced

Big Mouth Spinoff Human Resources Announced

Netflix has announced that Big Mouth, the streaming service’s popular adult-skewing animated series about teens enduring puberty, will be spinning off with “the even edgier and adult-ier” series, Human Resources. Stars Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph will reprise their roles, respectively, as Maury the Hormone Monster and Connie the Hormone Monstress in a show that’s kinda-sorta like Monsters, Inc.

The new show’s official synopsis reads: “The spinoff pulls back the curtain on the daily lives of the creatures–Hormone Monsters, Depression Kitties, Shame Wizards and many more–that help humans journey through every aspect of life from puberty to childbirth to the twilight years. It quickly becomes clear that though the creatures are the protagonists, they have a lot of humanity themselves.”

David Thewlis (Harry Potter), who plays The Shame Wizard, will be joined by franchise newcomers Aidy Bryant (Saturday Night Live), Brandon Kyle Goodman (Feel the Beat), Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the Bee), and Randall Park (Fresh off the Boat). Human Resources will be animated by Big Mouth animators Titmouse, though no production start or release date has yet been announced.

Season 4 of Big Mouth aired on Netflix in December 2020. In the most recent batch of episodes, the kids are dealing with sexual maturity and being sent off to summer camp.