Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Arizona Walmart Workers Breaking Through $10 Hourly Wage

Arizona Walmart Workers Breaking Through $10 Hourly Wage

Walmart is giving pay raises to 11,699 workers in Arizona as part of the company’s $1 billion investment in its workforce nationwide this year.

Right now, all Walmart employees earn at least $9 an hour, but by February 2016, they will earn at least $10 an hour. The new full-time average hourly wage for Arizona Walmart associates is now $12.78.

The company also is offering new training opportunities to help employees advance beyond entry-level jobs. It also is being more flexible with its scheduling of worker shifts that in some cases will provide fixed schedules that will not change for at least six months. Plus, workers will be able to pick their own shifts and schedule based on their availability.

Even department managers will get a boost to their starting wages to at least $13 an hour this summer and up to at least $15 an hour next year.

Arizona employees began earning the higher pay beginning with their April 4 pay period, which means the first paycheck to include the additional income will be delivered on April 23.

Walmart employs 32,373 people in 124 stores across Arizona. The 11,699 who are getting salary boosts represent those who have been on the lower spectrum of wages.

With $473 billion in 2014 sales, Walmart employs more than 2 million people worldwide.