Saturday, April 1, 2023

Apple To Ask US Staff To Report Vaccination Status By Mid-September

Apple To Ask US Staff To Report Vaccination Status By Mid-September

To ensure safety as offices reopen, Apple is asking all of its employees in the US to report their vaccination status by mid-September, as reported by Bloomberg. The multinational tech company has reportedly issued a memo asking staff to share their vaccination status “voluntarily” by 17 September.

Apple will use this data to update its COVID-19 response efforts and protocols. It has assured employees that the data will be kept confidential and not shared with managers. However, it also admits that in the future, if the situation demands, the vaccination status of the staff may be used in “an identifiable manner, along with other information” about the workplace, work environment, or location, “ensure a healthy and safe work environment.”

The Company has been encouraging staff members to get the jab through campaigns. Unlike many other firms, Apple has not yet made it mandatory for all employees to get vaccinated before returning to the office. However, the Company has increased the frequency of its COVID-19 testing, to thrice a week and is trying to convince them about the benefits of inoculation.

While Apple is keen to get all its employees back in the office, it has been forced to delay the process due to the fear of the Delta variant. Now, the workforce has been told that whenever the ‘return to office’ does happen, they will be given a month’s notice to prepare.