Tuesday, March 21, 2023

American Express Will Allow Employees To Work From Anywhere For 4 Weeks A Year

American Express Will Allow Employees To Work From Anywhere For 4 Weeks A Year

In a bid to make work more flexible for its employees, credit card giant, American Express, will now allow its employees to work from anywhere for four weeks in a calendar year, even as the pandemic subsides.

The ‘work from anywhere policy will allow employees to work from any location other than their primary work locations for four weeks. These four weeks do not necessarily have to be consecutive, and employees have the option to space them out throughout a calendar year. During the ‘work from anywhere’ weeks, employees do not have to report to offices.

The multinational company will place its employees into three groups — hybrid, on-site, and fully virtual. About 80 percent of the employees will be working under the hybrid work model. Under this model, employees will work from office spaces two days per week, on average, and from their homes for the rest of the workdays. Steve Squeri, chief executive officer, AmEx, further said that teams within a business unit will independently define their hybrid schedules, assigning common days for office operation for the entire team.

The new model will be in effect in the US, UK, and Germany by January 24, while transitions in other markets will be made based on local conditions.

The decision to incorporate flexibility in the work culture was taken after a company survey revealed that a substantial percentage of the workforce would prefer to work completely remotely henceforth.