Thursday, March 30, 2023

Amazon’s Health Program for Employees

Amazon’s Health Program for Employees

The job market is overflowing with opportunities and companies are doing everything they can to stand out to employees. Amazon is among them, and with new positions opening throughout Middle Tennessee, their new “Working Well” program might help set them apart.

The program was designed by employees to focus on their overall health. From mindfulness techniques and exercises to personal training and mental health programs, the goal is to prevent injuries and improve their health in every way.

How “Working Well” works

Employees will be put into ‘huddles’ where they can watch interactive videos and meet with specialists. For example, working on an employee’s physical mechanics. They’ll also have personal trainers to help with bodywork. There are wellness zones where employees can stretch and work on safety education.

“Ama-Zen” is a kiosk that will offer mindfulness tools. There are also wellness centers where staff can meet with trainers on how to stay healthy and even nutritionists to offer advice.

“These topics can be anything from healthy eating tips, mindful moments, to bending and stretching,” said Courtney Norman, a spokesperson for Amazon. “So, this month was all about the proper way to squat, the top proper way to lunge talking about keeping a straight back. So as employees are doing it, they see videos that show them the right way and the wrong way to do it.”

The trainers have a background in training athletes, which is helpful when working with employees who have physically demanding jobs. “They can help to ensure that the body mechanics are the best for our employees, making sure that not only are the stations set up ergonomically in a way that’s going to keep our employees safe as they’re working through the repetitive motions of their job function. But they’re also making sure that as they’re bending and stretching, they’re doing so in a safe way,” said Norman.

Since the program has been in place, work-related injuries have been down by 32%.