Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Albuquerque’s Job Corps Center Has Restored and Is Willing to Serve People Better Their Lives

Albuquerque’s Job Corps Center Has Restored and Is Willing to Serve People Better Their Lives

The Albuquerque Job Corps has immediate availability to safely provide campus living, overall health and wellness, and educate qualified applicants and place such applicants directly into employment in our community.

The Albuquerque Job Corps campus can serve 327 students aged 16-24 in areas such as electrical wiring, plumbing, carpentry, office administration and advanced solar installation. In addition, the campus works directly with local and national employers to help fill in-demand and well-paying positions. Among those employers are Kelly Cable of New Mexico, Raysteel Inc., JPR Construction Supply and Titan Solar Power.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly reduced the number of students the Albuquerque Job Corps has served over the past year and a half. But with effective vaccines and continued safety precautions, the center is now ready to resume full operation. 

“We are incredibly excited that our campus has reopened and are eager to bring in deserving young people and help them start their careers,” stated Samuel Kolapo, Center Director at the Albuquerque Job Corps. “With a long track record of successfully placing our graduates into meaningful careers in Albuquerque, we want our community to know that Job Corps is a terrific first option for any interested young person.”

The Albuquerque Job Corps has already demonstrated it is able to provide safe and healthy residential living and serve students effectively despite COVID. The campus has protocols and policies in place to track COVID symptoms, test, and prevent an outbreak. 

“The past two years has been trying for all of us. This time has also shown us that Job Corps’ dedication to teaching trades to young people has made a big difference not only in the lives of our students and their families, but in the lives of Americans reliant upon the work Job Corps alumni have been trained to do,” said Byron V. Garrett, CEO and President of National Job Corps Association. “Given our availability to immediately serve students, we know the potential for our campuses to transform lives and want everyone to know that Job Corps is reopened and ready to help.”